VA Dedicates Millions More Toward Homeless-Veteran Programs

The Department of Veterans Affairs announced a nearly 14 million dollar surge in funding for programs to assist homeless veterans, the Washington Post reports. Grants will go toward 189 programs in dozens of states.
Nearly 9 million dollars in grants to provide transportation and renovated housing for homeless veterans was approved. Services to help women, the elderly and those who are mentally ill were also approved and 5 million dollars was earmarked.
“Our local partners have played a vital role in our effort to find, engage, and rescue every homeless veteran,” VA Secretary Eric Shinseki said. “Until no veteran has to sleep on our nation’s streets, we still have work to do.”
The VA has made use of a federal voucher program to house tens of thousands of veterans during the past four years, Washington Post reported. Through the Homeless Providers and Per Diem Program grants, the agency is able to help provide housing and services for homeless veterans.

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