Homeless people need a lot of help — it’s time for people to step in

People are always saying that Americans are overweight, or they say “how can you be fat if you are homeless? You don’t look homeless to me.”

They are quick to judge at a glance. If you are not dirty or smelly, they assume you don’t need help. Some people need help with hygiene and some just need counseling. The thing is, there are so many things that can go wrong and you end up out or homeless. People only see the surface of the problems. 

My point is homeless people need a lot of help. It’s not just one thing most of the time, it’s a combination of things. The first thing people say is “Are you hungry? Do you want food?” That’s great, but there’s more to it. Often, homeless people are grateful to get food. Food is essential. To some it becomes a crutch, they eat out of frustration, not thinking about the other problems. 

People that sell Street Sense use their donations to buy not just food but other things that are needed. They have needs just like everyone else. Please remember — help the homeless to help themselves. Sometimes friendship makes a person feel good. When someone gives a smile instead of a bad look, it makes all the difference. 

Homeless people also need guidance sometimes because they have a lot to deal with. They need to feel safe so they can plan and think how to get through. Clothing is also a big deal. When you look good you feel good. 

Having healthy people around you also helps. That’s not possible in a shelter. Shelters have lots of people with problems. No one is unique, they all have issues or they would not be there. They need to feed the spirit not the belly. 

That’s why you need more than food. As for myself, I ask God for a healthy mind and soul. Food for the spirit. 

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We believe ending homelessness begins with listening to the stories of those who have experienced it.