Homeless Man Saves a Woman’s Wallet

Photo of wallet on the ground

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Joel Hartman, 36, brought the holiday spirit to Atlanta’s Omni Hotel in full swing last week when he found a wallet in a trash can while looking for food. Instead of using the credit cards to his benefit, Hartman went to several hotels in search of the owner. According to the Associated Press, the woman who owned the wallet had been robbed earlier that day. After the thieves took her entire purse, they discarded the remains in a garbage can nearby, which led Hartman to stumble across it when he was looking for his next meal.
Upon hearing the news of the good deed, the Omni Hotel set out to get a hold of this man to personally thank him. The Huffington Post interviewed the hotel’s managing director, Scott Stuckey, who said that “Every person has a story and this person obviously has a story and did the right thing by bringing [the wallet] to try to find [its owner]. When you’re looking through food in the garbage can, it’s probably one of the toughest times of your life. But when you find somebody’s wallet and you do the right thing, I think we’d like to do the right thing by this person”.
Within days, Hartman heard word of people looking for him and returned to the hotel. The hotel put up Hartman through Thanksgiving, the Huffington Post reported. He also received room service and $500 for his selfless act.

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