Here We Go Again


I leave my place one last time,
Don’t know where I’ll go or what will
become of me
But I can’t stay here anymore.
So one more time
It’s goodbye nice warm bed
Hello cold hard marble.

Where will I eat? Where will I bathe?
Got nothing but time to figure that out,
But do you really think this will kill me?
Do you really think I’ll just lie down, die?
Do you think this is the end?

Like a soldier trained for battle
I’ve learned to survive the unsurvivable
And I’ll always land on my feet.
It’s all a matter of time, opportunity
and fate.
Get up, get it done, and make it happen.

For a while I’ll do like Ringo once sang
And get by with some help from my
But it’s up to me to make it happen,
To go where I need to go, do what must
be done
To make the connections I need.

I think about the things you take for
A stove, a fridge, a refreshing shower
A coffee-maker percolating in the early
Cable TV, a home-cooked meal, even a
simple light switch
A place to sit and chill and not get harassed
for loitering.

So, yeah, I’ll be roughing it for a minute
Living in the street, an urban survivalist
But I won’t let it get me down
I’ll work, I’ll guest, I’ll struggle and save
And someday soon, I’ll be back in that nice warm bed.

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