She was jogging.
I was walking. She was smiling.
I was talking.
She was cruisin.
I was keeping up.
She gave me her number, and told me to keep in touch. I called her, and we
made plans.
She said, are you baptized? Are you a saved man?
I told her, God is good. I told her, God is great. I told her, God is early, he ain’t never late.
She started laughing on the telephone,
She asked me, do you pray?
I told her, every day. I asked her, do you go to church?
She said, every Sunday. She eats taco Tuesdays, and goes to work on Mondays,
Wednesdays, and Thursdays: yoga — TGIF on Fridays and Saturdays.
She likes to hit the highway.
I told her, people are resources and God is the source. She said, amen! Let’s
celebrate and let’s rejoice, now our eyes get to see the reward. The wicked the devil is a liar, can’t nobody fix it. She asked me, what’s your favorite movie? I said, it
used to be life, now it’s The Passion of Christ. Most people pray for money, me
I be praying for peace. I asked her, why are you single? She said, my ex liked to
cheat. I told her, I can relate.
We just had a spiritual date that came from the man up above, after we meditated
and that’s when we fell in love…thank God for yoga!

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