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Photo of a Metro train that is made to look like a chameleon

"Traincharmachameleon" mural located in Silver Spring, Maryland. Photo courtesy of Elvert Barnes via Flickr.

I’d like to say hello to all my friends and all my supporters.

It’s a nice Saturday afternoon, May the 1st. Me and Thomas out and about in Silver Spring. I’m enjoying myself out here. It’s a beautiful spring day, it’s beautiful weather.

I’m feeling this air out here right now. It feels so beautiful to be outside and out of the nursing home. I wish I could stay out but I really can’t walk the way I want to walk.

But my left leg is getting better. I can get in and out the car.

I’m looking to be better pretty soon. I can’t say how long. Should not be too much longer and I’ll be back out, you know. I’ll be more than happy to be back out.

Wish I could see y’all, let y’all see how I’m doing. Let y’all see I’m doing way better. I would say about 70% better.

Y’all can still call me at (202) 706-9898.

Hope soon we all can get back together and I can do some more writing and put my next book together.

I miss Street Sense. Street Sense was my home. It’s gonna be my home for a while.

I thank all the staff for supporting me and talking to me. Keeping me updated with what’s going on.

Hope and love to all the other vendors. Hope to see y’all soon. Y’all take care. God bless y’all.

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