Happy New Year!

Confetti in Times Square on New Year's Eve


I thank God every day for another blessing, especially for seeing another new year of my life.
When I wake up, memories of you, my great parents, always stay in my heart because I miss you so much. I also want to thank you for giving birth to ten beautiful children, four of whom I hope will rest in peace after leaving us. Remember that every day is not promised to us even though we pray to live life day by day.

Sometimes when I am alone I wonder how long I will live or how I might die. But, I never worry about it because God will decide when to carry me home to rest. I always pray for those who have already gone home to rest, especially my family members, my friends and those who I do not know.

Last year was a long one. The positive part was finally getting a nice apartment, receiving funds to deal with my disability and a few other blessings. The negative part was sometimes feeling so tired of the pain in my spine that I just wanted to sit at home and do nothing. Fortunately, almighty God gives me the willpower to move on, which I need to do every day.

I wish every success to my dear friend who left me to return home for her career. Her not being here shadows me every day because I really miss her. May her brother Willie rest in peace. I hope the same for my brother Jim, whose death hit me very hard. I miss him so much. I also miss the few other friends who died last year.

As I move into this new year, I hope and pray things will be more positive. I want to finish my education by passing the entrance exams and then getting my degree at the University of the District of Columbia (UDC). However, I am most concerned about my back injury, because I will have real problems if I can’t walk for a while. So I am going to conquer that some kind of way.

I wish a Happy New Year to my Street Sense customers and my friends. May the power, the kingdom and the glory of God be with us forever. Amen.

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