Happy Mother’s Day!

A mother is kind.
A mother is caring.
A mother is nurturing.
A mother is sweet.
A mother is daring.
A mother is loving.
A mother’s love is like no other,
a love that is pure of gold,
a love that grabs you for dear life,
because she wants you to grow
into a wonderful human being.
A mother is breathtaking.
A mother will do life changing
things just for her child to be safe and
A mother is a woman who changes the
Giving birth to different nations of people,
creating lives that can make
this world different every day.
A mother is a woman, who does whatever
she has to do to make
sure their little one is taken care of.
Regardless of age, a mother will always make sure her child is well.
A mother may not always be perfect,
but she tries her best
to be the best mother she can be.
A mother is amazing, she makes sure
her child experiences so much life,
before they are away on their own,
becoming a mother or father themselves.
A mother is strong,
her is so amazing,
it covers you all up, so you can be protected.
A mother is wonderful, because no matter how
old she is, she never stops
loving her child.
Let’s give it up for all the mothers
out there who do so much,
also the foster mothers and mother fi gures
in our lives who make sure we are all
taken care of.
We just want to say thank you and celebrate you for what you do.
Happy Mother’s Day!

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