Happy Labor Day, world! To the ones that do it from their heart 

To the ones who:
• Do it to support their family
• Do it to support themselves
• Are tired yet still work until their time ends
• Work long shifts and overnight hours
• Do it for their children
• Work through the frustrations and problems
• Deal with attitudes and bad tempers
• Do it to put themselves through school
• Do it to help others
• Educate the generation
• Take care of our seniors
• Protect us from danger
• Risk their lives daily
• Listen to our problems
• Love us day after day
• Work well with their hands
• Feed us nutritional meals
• Clean day after day
• Make us laugh
• Make us smile
• Manage our finances
• Run into burning buildings
• Deliver our packages
• Pick up and drop off people at their destinations
• Work hard day after day to make our world work
Thank you for all you do.
Happy Labor Day!

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