Happy Holidays 

“To do what is right and just is more acceptable to the Lord than sacrifice.” (Proverbs 23-3) 

Can you really say “Happy Holidays” to the person who is asking you for change on the corner? Or the person that is selling the Street Sense newspaper in the cold? And what about when you walk to a Metro bus stop and see a person with a pile of blankets sleeping on the cold ground and all you see is the top of their head? 

Imagine you are waiting for your bus to come. You are wondering to yourself, “How did these people get to where they are in life and others like them all over America?” 

Our holidays are filled with hope. We ask ourselves, “Is this going to be the day I get the key to a door? A roof over my head? A seat at a dinner table? A chance to sleep in a warm bed?” That is how we celebrate our holidays. Everyday, we are filled with hope. 

You must remember that Mary and Jesus were homeless. They had hope and faith. They were trying to find a place to sleep. There was no room at the inn. And they slept in a barn. On hay! That was fate, not by choice. 

Can you do an act of kindness? Can you? If you can, we all would appreciate that act. The three wise men brought Mary and Jesus some faith, some hope, and a better day. Now, you met the three wise men. Remember? The first wise man was standing on the corner asking you for some change. How about you give him a pair of gloves and some warm socks and wish him a happy holiday. Now, you met the second wise man. He was a Street Sense vendor. Give him a smile and a greeting card and buy a paper. And wish him a happy holiday. 

Now, as you walk toward the Metro bus stop where you were waiting, there is a third wise man sleeping under blankets. Now, give him a sleeping bag, a warm blanket, and ask him if he’s all right. And then wish him a happy holiday. 

Now, you must be 100% about this act of kindness. You must do it from the heart, not because you feel obligated. When you celebrate your holiday with your friends and family, spread that smile around. And take your family out and do an act of kindness for someone who is enduring hardship at this particular time of year, and everyday after that if you can. 

Happy holidays from the Morrow family, 

-L. Morrow, Vendor number 145 

PS. Drop me a line about your act of kindness (Why not!) at [email protected]

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