Goodbye to Cappie

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To all readers who know me. At first when I lived at Dorchester, I had two cats. Montey and Cappie. When I moved to Taylor Square Apartments I had to give up Montey because I was only allowed one cat. It was a hard choice but I kept Cappie. I had Cappie for three years. When he started having problems with his leg I took him to two veterinarians. They performed x-rays that were negative for a broken leg. One of the vets told me Cappie had a serious nerve problem. I had a talk with the case workers who help me with my financing. My case manager and my employment specialist felt that the constant care Cappie would need would cost me more than I could afford. I did not want to do it but I felt it was best
that I give Cappie to the local animal hospital and asked the people there to do what they thought was best; either put him down or find someone who would adopt him. I think that they may have put him down for his own well being. I miss Cappie very much and still have his litter box and food in the apartment. Sometimes I come home and expect to see him since he mostly slept on my bed next to me. I may get another cat but it’s too early.

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