Glad to be back

I’m happy to be back and I’m happy that I’m about to move soon. Wednesday, I’ll be shooting the Street Sense commercial featuring me playing wheelchair basketball and my story. Not only for me, for all wheelchair basketball in the United States, for all WNBA, all national wheelchair basketball, and Goodman League summer basketball. Everywhere I go, people are texting and talking about wheelchair basketball and Street Sense. So, we can have a big league, a big tournament at the Capital One Arena. I’m glad that Street Sense is putting the word out there. I appreciate all the employees and the vendors. I pray that the commercial I’m going to do on Wednesday in front of Capital One goes well, and people will come to watch us playing and take a video. I know they will. And not only for me but for all the people to know wheelchair basketball. And we can get the first contract for wheelchair basketball. The Wheely Mambo, out.

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