Giving Thanks

Fall foliage.

Kim Manley Ort / Flickr

November days and the beauty of the rainbow of leaves
That whisper as they fall from the trees.
Thanksgiving, thanksgiving as one’s thoughts
Go to those in need.
The November days that say
There always is a season
To reflect on life and what it means.
To be thankful and for those who don’t look up
To see the beauty of the Lord’s season of leaves.
Heads held low, that every knee would know
The prayer of thanksgiving for a fallen Veteran.
A family to nourish, a widow in need of a kind word
And orphans without a home
A man who has grown old without a home of his own.
We give thanks that we are not all alone.
In these November days of the Lord’s rainbow of leaves
– Happy Thanksgiving to the Lord.

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