Gayle Arrives in LA: Part 2

The story so far: After finishing law school Gayle Tyler came to LA to work in the Office of Legal Aid. She found a nice room at the Loma YWCA. She still must pass the California Bar Exam.
After settling in at the Y, Gayle got ready to start her job. Finally, it was time to report downtown to the Legal Aid Office. Her supervisor, Mr. Esposito, showed her around. She would be trained for about two months, then take time off to study for the bar, and then come back, sharing clients with another attorney until the bar results came out. If she passed her tests, she would have her own clients.
She started off training under a Mrs. Jackson, a very competent middle-aged woman who seemed used to helping young lawyers get started.
Finally, the good news came. Gayle had passed the bar exam, would be a full-fledged attorney and would have clients of her own.
She settled in with the cases she was to handle. One of them, a young man named Sam, was a cute fourteen-year old with the brightest eyes and an infectious smile; Gayle liked him right away. They laughed and kidded around. He was a sweet kid. They’d get lunch together in the courthouse cafeteria sometimes, when his case was before the court. She often thought that she felt somewhat of a friendship with him. She had told him a certain amount about herself.
Sam’s case was resolved. An informant had gotten charges against him dropped by implicating Sam in a crime and the case against Sam was weak after that.
Time passed. One day, Sam pushed through a crowd in the waiting area, came into Gayle’s office, slammed the door and demanded that she listen to him right then. He had a backpack and took it off. He reached inside and pulled out a gun. “This here killed one of those cops,” he said. “They’re looking for it. I’m dropping it off with you. It can’t come up at the trial. It’s on you now.” He then left.
Gayle had never faced a situation similar to this one. “What should I do”, she thought. Maybe she could tell Mrs. Jackson or Mr. Esposito? But they might see her as a problem. They might think something she had done with Sam could have caused this problem. Also, there was something about Sam’s threat that made her believe she would be in danger if anything came up about the weapon.
Gayle worked on her other cases and kept more of a distance from her clients. She met people at the Y and convinced a group of girls there to go out for dinner one night on the refurbished Queen Mary. It was supposed to be splendid. Everyone wanted to see inside it, even more than they wanted to see Marilyn Monroe’s house that was now open to tourists.
(to be continued)

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