FRENEMIES, PART 3: Fake Coworkers

Have you ever met a coworker that couldn’t stand you?
Real frenemies that wanna ban you?
Fake coworkers that think their better than you?
Fake coworkers that’s really jealous of you?
Fake coworkers, they wanna steal and watch;
Then fake coworkers wanna steal your spot.
Fake coworkers wanna steal your shine;
Fake coworkers wanna leave you behind.
Fake coworkers love to lie to the boss;
Fake coworkers like to get you involved.
Fake coworkers like to get to work late;
Fake coworkers like to steal off your plate.
Fake coworkers be having attitude problems;
Steal out the register then act like somebody robbed them.
A few of my fake coworkers, they lied to my face;
Said he hit a home run but got struck out at the plate.
Fake coworkers, they be acting like spies;
If I was a Venus flytrap they would be acting like flies.
Fake coworkers, they can be so annoying;
When they know you love your job they wanna act like it’s boring.
Fake coworkers like to act like your friend;
Like to call you on the phone and ask if you can clock them in.
Fake coworkers make up every excuse;
Then play victim when you don’t want you to take their abuse.
Fake co workers love to smile in your face;
but the whole time they wanna take your place:

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