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A lot of blacks in my days and before were brought up on pork. Pork in their milk, pork in everything they ate. A lot of people didn’t know that what they ate had pork in it and they grew up healthy and strong. No kind of health problems. Now that they are grown, no more pork. It’s not good! Some go to jail, become a Muslim and proclaim they have never eaten pork.
Well, as for me I LOVE Pork! I eat everything but the oink and that because I can catch it! My favorite is chitterlings, which is the pig’s intestine. I also eat the eyes, which taste like giblets, and pig brains and scrambled eggs. UM, Um Good! They say experience is the best teacher, so I say try it, YOU just might like it. Other parts of the pig you might try are: the liver, ears, cracklings, feet, tail chops, ribs ham and knuckles. To me it’s good for the body, mind and soul. It is a taste to behold.

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