Floods Don’t Discriminate

Sleeping bags are in high demand in Colorado Springs as many chronically homeless people in the area have lost all their earthly possessions in the recent flooding.
But shoes and tents are not all that has been lost in this natural disaster, as reported by the Colorado Gazette. 54-year-old Danny Davis was on-and-off the streets for years and his body was found Sept. 12 in Fountain Creek.
Thousands have joined the ranks of the Nation’s homeless population in the wake of the flood, and hundreds have been evacuated to safety.
At least 100 residents of Pinewood Springs and others have opted to wait it out even when given the chance to evacuate, according to the Denver Post.

“My 2-year-old wants to know when she can go home, and here 90 percent of the people just want to know when they can take a shower,” said Selina Merkt an Evans resident whose home is flooded and may be beyond repair.
More than 900 rescuers in Boulder County gave hope to the people they delivered to safety – some by the system of “ropes, pulleys and a human sized basket.” These rescue teams are made up of Army National Guard personnel, and volunteers with the fire departments and search-and-rescue teams. These heroes are everyday, American citizens.
“These people were trapped in their homes, where they should expect to be safe,” said Steve Wilson of The Alpine Rescue Team. “They lost so much, their homes in some cases, their communities. It’s just different, and it was an honor for us to be there to help any way we could.”
Wilson is proud to be a part of this team. “These are people who spend their own money and risk their lives to help people they don’t know and they’re never going to see again. And they don’t want anything in return,” he said.
-Claire Sloan

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