Finding A Way Through Chronic Homelessness

David Rubin. Photo by Street Sense Media.

Man·da·mus / man-dey-muh s  

a writ from a superior court to an inferior court or to an officer, corporation, etc., commanding that a specified thing be done. 

 –verb (used with object) to intimidate or serve with such writ.  

Originmandmus-we command  

Street Sense newspaper is about the homeless people in Washington, D.C.  

I have found it opens doors in associating with the community when all else has failed.  

Once I started interacting with the community in my volunteer services at the hospital, I thought my homelessness was resolved.  

But that was not to be my last experience of homelessness. I was to find myself homeless again, even after Street Sense newspaper helped me resolve my biggest obstacle of fitting into society normally.  

The problem for me was that other issues that caused homelessness arose. These factors were beyond the scope of case manager and legal judgments made in the law courts.  

A need for well-defined mandamus is the probable solution in order to stay focused and end homelessness through employment. 

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We believe ending homelessness begins with listening to the stories of those who have experienced it.