Fight of the Century

A homeless man sleeps on the sidewalk

Franco Folini/Flickr

Talking with Gene Simmons of Kiss (or someone who looks a lot like him), and Danielle the bartender at Margaretville, about the so-called “Fight of the Century,” we all agreed: Why not donate some of that money to charity?

We’re not asking Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao to “go sell all that you have, and give to the poor,” as a wise teacher once told a rich young ruler.

But how about 10 percent?

With all the homeless people now flooding Las Vegas, how about donating to the Rescue Mission, St. Vincent’s Men’s Shelter, the Salvation Army, Shade Tree, or AIDS charities?

I am just a visitor here in Las Vegas, a stranger in a strange land….a land of beautiful gardens worthy of an emperor, but a land with no public toilets to contain the urine-drenched stench on Foremaster.

So, Floyd, Manny and everyone else who got rich off the “Fight of the Century”: how about helping the needy? Elvis, the Ratpack, Lee Liberace — even the old-time mob bosses who treated their customers right would smile at the thought!

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