False wisdom

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Today is a beautiful day of living and enjoying life. Yet I somehow still feel as if I deserve the harsh and neglecting attitudes — the complete lack of moral support — that people show towards homelessness.  

Businesses still close their doors when it comes to offering help to end poverty. I know from personal experience that the minds and hearts of some too many people are changing for the worse when it comes to how they think about homelessness. 

Some people may think to themselves, “Why bother to help someone in need?  Everybody is for himself.”  

What really bothers me is my ancestors, and those of many poor and homeless people, helped build this nation. We as minorities have the right to claim this nation as ours, under God, with liberty, integrity, and peace. 

Now, what does it have to take for individual human beings to realize that everybody is the same as life goes on? We each have two eyes, one nose, two ears, one mouth, two arms and two feet. And we should talk with one heart and mind to decide to do the right thing for everyone.   

No one should be marginalized. But that’s exactly what divisions amongst ourselves perpetuate. Why blame someone else or some other group of people for something that we can handle among ourselves, as a nation?  

Why discriminate again each other? Is it pride or hate? Does only God know? Whatever the answer, the choice is always up to each individual to act with integrity, dignity, and charity. 

I have a few friends that invest in my potential abilities to grow and succeed. They believe in my motivation to achieve my goal of overcoming homelessness. They believe that through my hard work selling papers, shining shoes, and taking an opportunity that presents itself, that I can have a place of my own and a chance to live my life in a positive and productive manner. And I’m so grateful to them. Thank you Andrew, Valen, Ms. Queen, and Mr. Wynn! 

Now, I know not everyone can invest in me. But we all have to invest in others. It’s not all about money, it’s whatever we have to give. It’s the only way we can survive. 

I have observed people trying to take care of animals before they will help another human being step up and make the attempt to overcome poverty and homelessness. What’s up in America? People will watch a charity commercial and send money far away. Companies advertise their efforts to help poor children living on the streets in other countries, when kids and families need help right here, in our cities and our states.  

What is going to happen if we keep neglecting the people in our own neighborhood? Only the Creator knows best, so I can’t be certain I’m right about this. But I believe it’s best not to assume you are either. We all have to help each other.   

God bless everyone. I wish you a blessed journey in life. 

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