Fall is here

Dwight Harris

The green, so full, is falling.
Brown, yellow, orange, and red will dot the land,
Blowing pieces everywhere.
The days are shorter, cooler,
The substance of autumn is here.
The wind that blows is no longer pleasant.
A chill is in the air.
I really miss the summer.
Vacations no longer here.
Eighty-nine days to forget,
The warmth on shoulders bare.
In our part of the world
The fall of the year is here.
Animals shield themselves more.
Not or often are they seen.
Three months will end flowers and green.
With either a friend or a lover,
Summer walks are at an end.
But happy, yet, my heart can be,
The ice of winter
I do not see
But happy, yet, my heart can be, the wet snow
Doesn’t fall on me.
But happy, yet, my heart can be,
The freezing winter,
Just a memory.

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