Fall back

Graphic by Bruna Costa

Fall back before I push you.
You’re standing too close …
Too close to my electricity.
Honey, you are doing the most!
You’re too close to my aura,
Too close to my jewels.
Too close for me to breathe,
You’re so close that now I cannot see.
You’re so close that you are inhaling my breath,
And that should not be.

Don’t let my electric fence burn you.
The water I got gets boiling hot.
Don’t let this pot scald you.
Believe it or not, I’m ready to pop.

I asked you to step back.
It’s not that I don’t like you,
Or think that you are wack.
Right now I need some space to grow,
I don’t like feeling trapped.

Not to say you’re wasting space.
It’s neither yours or mine to own.
Now we are getting off topic —
Didn’t I ask you to leave me alone?
You are messing with my happiness,
And that I will not condone.
I am assertively asking you to not occupy this space.
Please, go on home.

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