Eye opener!

Yesterday, the world opened up its mouth and cried out to me, saying, “Baby boy, everything takes time.” But time waits for no one. Life has its ups and downs. We as humans cannot control the actions of another grown man.

Hello there, reader! Have you ever had that one person who always asks or looks to you for an answer? He or she might be young or old. That one who might ask you a good ass question, but could then do some childlike shit and act out like they have no home training?

Hey, I’m 34! Somewhere down the line of some people’s families they really drop the ball on life. Yes, life. Teaching the basics of living and how to treat people. That line I was talking about was some of us ‘80s babies. We didn’t teach ‘90s babies no home nothing!

It’s 2023, and some people and kids still have no values, no goals. When I was in my youth, an older lady said there would be babies raising babies. Damn, that lady spoke the truth! 

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