Everything can change in a heartbeat

Image of tools used to treat diabetes.

Photo by Vicki Nunn / Pixabay

I passed out (from what I later learned was very high blood pressure) at the McPherson Square bus stop. Someone called 911. When I opened my eyes, I was in the George Washington Hospital emergency room. I stayed for three days hooked to tubes and machines.

I was watching my diet. But now I must be even more careful. I can’t have most candy, and I definitely cannot eat fried chicken. My diet is extremely important because sugar diabetes runs through my family. My mother has it. My grandmother passed away from the additional health problems it causes. 

But, I am staying strong, taking care of myself, and keeping my house clean. I’m also trying to manage my medication better. My doctor said I have to get back on it slowly; if I don’t, I’ll end up at GW again. Most of all, I need to stop running the streets so much.

So, my friends, if you are not taking care of yourselves, please do! Thank you for all the love you show me. Remember to keep your head high and put God first. 

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