Every Day is Hard

Photo courtesy of Flickr// Derek Mindler

My name is Tyrone Hall and I have lived at the New York Avenue Shelter for a long time. Life is not good at New York Avenue.
I am 62 years old and I don’t have a job or money. Every day is hard: no money, no love, no peace. Every day is hard.
This life is coming to an end, I am on my last legs. This is a sad life. My life projection is short, time is short. I will see life to an end.
Life is moving too fast for me. I lost, I lost, and I lost. I have tried so hard in this life and gained so little. This is a sad life, so sad.
The only thing I am looking for in 2016 is benefits from the SSA. That should change my life some. With an income, I’ll be able to find housing.

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