Graphic by Bruna Costa

Embrace the talents God has given you. Embrace these special gifts that enable you to share the real you with everyone. When you embrace these things you express love, care and enthusiasm can be reflected onto other people. Showing your gifts is important in today’s world.

Everyone’s gifts are unique to one’s means of living on this great Earth. Create with your mind, your hands, your feet, your mouth, your legs, your spirit and your soul to tell what you stand for in your story of life. Your creation will be beautiful if you let yourself be free. 

God created Earth so you can embrace your talents through it all with the fullness of being somebody worthy of blessings, grace, power and the next level of closeness next to him. So go out there and paint, read, sing, play a sport, make someone laugh, write what you see and feel, design clothes, plant something, sew curtains or play an instrument. Let your fingers hit the keyboard on a computer and let’s dance. 

Joy! Joy! Joy!

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