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Don’t Down someone else’s way of life

Don’t pretend to go alone Just to go alone

Don’t put off something that you know you will regret

dont stand by and let wrong control your life

don’t try and control someone else’s life or destination

Don’t start something and not go as far as you can

don’t judge until you truly know the truth

don’t let anyone else tell you who you are

don’t never forget you are who are and that an individual

don’t look at a failure as a bad thing rather a learning process for you are different and makes you special

don’t be a follower instead strive to be a team player for we all need each other to succeed at one time or another

speaking up in life avoids terrible things from happening


No matter the time it takes it will come out to be the right choice way and path to go

Just remember to everything be good or bad there is a madness

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