Don’t Look Away

As you pass him by

You divert your eyes

The ones you hide behind

For fear your worlds collide


Close proximity

Thru my peripheral I surmise

That ignorance and entitlement

Dance behind your blinds


Dare you divert your eyes

Ostracize and cast him aside

For this is someone’s child

Once a gleam in his mother’s eyes
Why divert your eyes

At this man who’s clearly alive

For his broken down soul

Still strongly thrives
The travels of this journeyman

Wear crudely on each side

The torment of life’s elements

Layer on his skin, live and die inside his mind


This man is clearly destitute

Or a bum if you vilify

But who are you to judge

Someone you haven’t sat beside


When  saw you pass behind him

And toss a meager dime

I lowered my head and sighed

So sad for you, he and even I
This man isn’t institutionalized

He doesn’t terrorize

All the laws he abides

Yet still it is he you stigmatize
So next time you slither by

Stop and look him in both eyes

Try a smile on for size

It’s for the grace of God go you, go I.

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We believe ending homelessness begins with listening to the stories of those who have experienced it.