Donald Trump Is Gonna Win!

Gage Skidmore

 People in Washington can keep deluding themselves, but If Donald Trump continues prosecuting the case against Hillary as he did in the second debate, Trump may carry every state in the union on Election Day. The establishment’s recent attempt to take him out has backfired and made his supporters more determined to get him elected.


On Nov. 8th it will be our turn to toss everyone out. I haven’t seen this much fury since 1980, when Ronald Reagan won in a landslide. People in Washington can’t grasp the Trump phenomenon. Nothing Trump says or does will get his supporters to abandon him and support Hillary Clinton. As with Bill Clinton and Marion Barry, people know that Donald Trump is a lout. We’re not electing a pope. We’re tired of these morally pious politicians that sound good then pick our pockets with higher taxes and incessant regulations.


Donald Trump is right: the people in Washington are too stupid to run this country. They don’t understand what the status quo has done to Americans. Politics as usual is not an option, so maybe a dose of Trump will correct a dirty rotten system.


While I’ve lost friends for supporting Trump, I haven’t lost my dignity shilling for crooks such as the Clintons. Libs can call me deplorable, irredeemable and racist — what I won’t do is support Democrats. I have exhibited model behavior despite the onslaught of contempt towards me. Sometimes I fear for my life because liberal hate knows no bounds. When you don’t fall in lockstep, they’ll harass, threaten and become violent because you have a different point of view.


I think the polls having Hillary ahead are garbage. Hillary supporters couldn’t fill a phone booth — even her volunteers despise her.


There’s a Silent Majority that’s not being polled or focus-grouped. I haven’t been polled or focus-grouped and I’m voting enthusiastically for Trump. Americans want not only their soul but their country back. Americans want to have a country. We don’t want any more open borders or open trade — Americans are tired of being pitted against cheap foreign competition. Trump says he will build the wall and the first people that will be down at the border with shovels are African-Americans.


Don’t believe the hype: I predict Trump may get 20 percent of the Black vote. No people have been betrayed more by the Democratic Party then African Americans. Trump is right that Hillary and the Democratic Party come down to the Black community every four years pandering for our vote then, once elected, they ignore and abandon us. I see firsthand how illegal immigration has impacted Black men in particular. I resent what liberalism has done to Black people! I walk down the street wondering why everyone doing construction is foreign while African Americans are begging for change. We often hear illegal immigrants do the jobs Americans don’t want to do. They tell African Americans they have to obey minimum wage laws and specific licensing and certification requirements while illegal immigrants are making buckets full of money and go back to their country living like kings. It has nothing to do with hatred. It’s about fairness.


When Donald Trump made comments about Mexico dumping its worst people, although I thought the comments were crude and bigoted, I believed finally someone was talking about stopping illegal immigration. You can’t deny the fact that three groups benefit from a broken immigration system. That’s multinationals that benefit off cheap labor, drug cartels that poison our neighborhoods and immigrants that come here because we have a generous welfare state.


Trump is right that Hillary wants to continue the disastrous legacy of Barack Obama. She wants to continue the path of globalization, open borders and open trade. She wants to be president of the world. Trump wants to be president of the United States.


I want America to remain American, not transform into a global state. I don’t hate foreigners but can’t comprehend how immigrants from other countries can get free healthcare, food stamps and college education while many African Americans are called lazy for asking for relief in a stagnant economy.


Trump is right: Black people, what do you have to lose by supporting him? Every American city is a ghetto. Some cities, such as Charlotte and Milwaukee, have been under Democratic rule for almost a century. Cities such as Chicago, Baltimore and Washington, D.C. are urban hellholes. Democratic policies lead to mass unemployment, crime, rampant drug use and thousands of people that could be useful but are trapped in the cycles of welfare and public assistance. These professional liberals that fight for your rights are your school teachers, lawyers and elected officials. They seem to be doing good while the people they claim to be fighting for seem to stay in misery.


The system is rotten and we need the barn cleaned out. Donald Trump may be just what Washington needs — someone to come here and just fire the whole stable. I tell the elites to pack their stuff because your butts are out of here November 8th. On Election Day the Silent Majority will be silent no more.


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