Diabetic Prisoners Need Special Meals

My name is Leonard C. Hyater Jr. I am homeless. I have type II diabetes. I am writing because I am incarcerated at the D.C. jail, awaiting trial for a parole warrant I received on April 9.

When I came here I was sent to intake. I told the case manager I have type II diabetes and my physician warned me not to eat white bread, white rice, pasta or potatoes because those foods raise my sugar levels. So, why does my tray have foods I am not supposed to eat? I am particularly annoyed about the white bread that appears everyday.

The D.C. Department of Corrections Inmates Handbook, Inmates’ Rights #6, says I have the right to adequate food/nutrition. Does this include a medical diet meal? Also, I get a brown diabetic bag every night, with four slices of white bread and an apple.

I am not a dietitian or a physician. But I know diabetics should not be given white bread, pasta, or potatoes. And since I know that rule, Aramark, which provides the food for the jail, should also know that.

When the doctors tested my blood for sugar levels, I told them my doctor warned me not to eat the food that comes on my tray. However, nothing is being done about it, so, I am very angry. The way that I’m being treated is not right. I wish I could afford a lawyer, because I think I may have a viable case.

Thank you.

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