Depression and Anxiety


I always thought that my depression, anxiety and panic attacks were a sign of weakness, but today I see them as a sign of having tried to remain strong for a long time. One out of three of us goes through depression, anxiety, and panic attacks once in our life. Today, when I go through something, I know it is a struggle, but I am not alone. I always have someone I can share it with.

When God closed the doors because it was time to move forward, he knew me. I would not have moved on unless the circumstances forced me to trust God. Removing people out of my life made room for better people who are positive.

I have a special prayer that I say every day:

Dear Lord,

I wanna take this minute not to ask for anything from you but simply say thank you for all I have that you have given me, big and small. That you never leave me when I go through something. That I pray out of my heart and I realize God will answer and I always believe what God tells me.


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