Dear US Postal Service

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To: US Postal Service and members of Congress
From: Gary J. Minter

Re: mail service for persons living in homeless shelters, group homes or other institutional settings

Date: July 5, 2015

As someone who has stayed at various homeless shelters from time to time, and who has been receiving mail at Bethesda CARES, a non-profit agency which serves homeless, low-income and disabled people, I ask for your advice and help with two problems concerning mail regulations and service.

1.The USPS will not forward mail I receive at Bethesda CARES to my new address. This is a major problem not only for me but for hundreds of thousands of people in the USA who do NOT have a street address and must get their mail at one of the hundreds of non-profit agencies that serve homeless people. The US Mail must serve all people equally.

2. Assurance Wireless, Life Link and the other vendors for the free phone service (available to low-income people who receive SNAP and Medicaid benefits) will not mail our free phone to General Delivery or to a PO Box, they insist on a street address. This deprives me and others of a federal benefit paid by US taxpayers which should be available on an equal basis to every citizen who qualifies.

Please help me with these two problems. Since I can’t get my phone, please send me a response by email or to my new mailing address.


Gary J. Minter
General Delivery
Las Vegas, NV 89165
Email: [email protected]

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