Dear Robin

When I heard the news that you passed away, I broke down and started to cry. I couldn’t believe it. Robin you have brought a lot of joy in my life and into many others.

The movies Birdcage with Nathan Lane and in Mrs. Doubtfire – those are two of my favorites, and there are many others.

Robin, I am going to miss you. I am sure you will probably be up in heaven making God and the angels laugh. Even though I don’t know you, every time I see your movies I feel humor and joy when it comes to you telling jokes.

Robin whenever I see the reruns of Mork and Mindy I remember that famous greeting of yours which I quote here: “Nanu nanu.” I am going to miss you Robin.

My condolences go out to your daughter, family and friends. God bless you.

Leonard C. Hyater, Jr.

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