Dear Lord 

Lord, I made a lot of wrong turns 

The worst turn I ever took was the turn that led me away from you 

I made a lotta decisions dat ain’t right 

I’m tryna make it right 

But I can’t get it right, right away 

Oh Lord, oh Lord, I need your help right away 

I know that they hate me, ‘cause you said that they hate(d) you 

Crazy part ‘bout it is, I allowed and helped my enemies to bring me down 

I got tired of trying to figure it out and decided to accept you 

I learned a lot and you said you have me down here for a purpose 

But one of those purposes I know I ain’t down here fo’ is to be a failure 

In the word, your promises are yes and amen 

So with that acknowledged, hallelujah and amen

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