Day in the life 

This is a day in the life of Marc Grier. 

Every morning I wake up with 10 people looking me in the face. They’re in my room, I stay in the shelter. They ask me questions that I don’t even know yet. What are you going to do today? They’re asking me for what reason? Some people are asking because they truly care, and some people are just asking to be nosy to deter me from what I need to do. So that is a part of my life. 

The other half of the day I have to go out and find something to eat, and how do I do that? The Lord always provides for me to do that. I am trying to get my disability benefits, and that’s a challenge in itself. You have to stay on top of it every minute. People will forget you because you’re just a number. It’s just like the shelter where I stay. The only thing they do is count, they count us every hour. Why do they count us? Maybe it’s because they get money for each one of us. It’s really sad you know, you have no one who truly helps you. I’m trying to get my place and get out of the shelter to live a normal life. 

So many times, you’re ready to give up, and you feel like talking to yourself. Which I do, but I don’t talk out loud. I think that’s part of the difference when you lose control — you don’t care anymore. 

But I do care, I do want to get out. Sometimes you just want a hug to keep going. I pray that I make it, I pray that I make it 

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