Cruisin’ With Camille

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Good new issue to my loyal Street Sense ”less” readers. I would like to open with a special shout out to my very dear friend C.M and his girl Camille. First, of thank you so much for your generosity. You have been a true friend. I would not  have gotten through the past few weeks without you. When we were driving to Pennsylvania my mind went to different times in my life. First, when I was seventeen driving my mum’s caddy on the Wexford flats. The Wexford flats is where we had drag races in high school. All of the cool kids had Camaros, Mustangs ,Firebirs, basic muscle cars. No one ever thought the fat ugly girl would kick some punk rock ass driving an old lady car. And, oh yeah, I showed those good ol’ boys what was up.” (Ok if my mum reads this she would kill me.).

The second thought that went through my head was of driving in Malibu topless; (I meant the car get you minds outta of the gutter.) At the time I was living in Los Angles feeling on top of the world. I was thinking on Don Henley’s song “Boys of Summer”.  To quote the song, “A little voice inside my head said don’t look back never look back.” The point here is that God gave us two eyes in front our head not in the back.  We should always be looking forward not in the past.

So those of you who know me know I am into all types of music. When we where pushing Camille to her limits, my mind went to Tracy Chapman’s song “Fast cars.” Her lyrics where, “Speed so fast felt like I was drunk one day we will both get jobs and move out of the shelter.” I hope this happens for all of the residence free of the world. At that moment I felt alive again.

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