Count our blessings 

We are sitting at the table of thanks, whether it be standing in line at a park, soup kitchen, homeless shelter, church, mosque or synagogue, or at your house with your family and friends. Let us all pray and give thanks to our way of life in America and our freedoms.

Let’s all pray for those who are enduring hardships around the world. In America, hundreds of thousands of people are homeless while millions more are homeless in Pakistan due to evacuations because of fl ash floods. Kids in Somalia are facing a water crisis and a heat wave. The war in Ukraine has millions homeless and fleeing their homes. Puerto Rico is devastated with floods, and the power went out across the island for a long time. Another tropical storm hit Florida causing fl ash floods, heavy rain and power outages across the state. Let’s thank God for the blessings and pray He keeps all of us safe around the world.

Let us all do an act of kindness for our fellow man. At the dinner table, fix a plate or two and go out around the world and share that plate with others. Why not? Thank you all. 

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We believe ending homelessness begins with listening to the stories of those who have experienced it.