Finding new coping skills has given me a positive attitude about myself. It has changed the way I think and process my recovery. I am releasing the stress and worry in my life today, so I can focus on my recovery more. Today I will speak and act in a more positive way about my addiction.

You see, I’m an easy-going person. I like to laugh and have fun in recovery. I like to be happy in this process, but there are those days when the day is just not going right for you. Will you look at it straight in the face? Say to yourself, “Tomorrow is another day.” I will be stronger and better in my process to stay focused, learn to keep myself safe and have a positive outlook on myself. 

So I stay pretty cool with with myself. The tools I’m learning from others are encouraging me and helping me to keep strong. Take the time to examine your behavior, and take it slow. Slow down and think about it and find new ways to come out on top of the situation. Ask yourself, “How can I benefit from this decision?” You choose slowly and wisely. That’s mostly how I keep myself and on top of my recovery. Try it, it works. Until next time — stay clean and stay safe. Have a great one.

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