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Bachelor’s Rice Pudding (Vegan option) 

By Jerry W. 


Cooked rice, left over from take out Chinese? (brown rice might suffice) 

Dry nonfat milk with water (or soy) 



Sugar or maple syrup 

Vanilla powder possibly available in coffee shops (or liquid but that has alcohol) 

Mix the ingredients proportionally to desired 

Taste (about 2:1 rice to milk), but cinnamon may just float. 

Refrigerating overnight soaks the cooked rice and raisins, turns into something tasting like a rice pudding but without egg and the requirement to bake, but if really hungry soaking can be shortened to available time, but rice consistency will be a little tougher. 

Omelets, Anyone? 

By Patty Smith 


I’m going to tell some of my secrets to cooking. First I’m going to make an omelet. In my opinion, the most delicious is the ham and cheese omelet. 

I must first make sure my kitchen is clean. So I will wash dishes and pots and pans and the silverware. I will use a spatula, a knife, a large spoon, a frying pan and a plate. 

Then I will get my ingredients: two eggs, Swiss cheese, butter, ham pieces. 

Grate the cheese. Whip the eggs in a blender or by hand until they are frothy. 

OK, here we go. Put a medium-sized pat of butter in the skillet and let that melt over medium heat. Put your eggs in the skillet with the ham pieces, put in the cheese. Let it cook for about five minutes over medium heat until the bottom of the eggs have begun to cook solid. 

Now use the fork to fold one side across the other. There’s your omelet. Let it keep cooking over low to medium heat until the inside is as cooked as you like it. 

Put it on a plate and dig in and eat. 

You try this – delicious, huh? 

Carlton’s Fried Chicken 

By Carlton Johnson 


My son Quincy likes chicken. He loves my chicken. I put my chicken in an egg wash, egg, milk, and a little water. 

As far as my flour goes I use all-purpose flour, a little bit of garlic and pepper. No salt right now. You put that in and it will mess up your cooking oil. Put the salt in later. 

I like my cooking oil at least half way in the pan so it can cover the chicken. I heat my cooking oil. I bring my grease to an even temperature. I know when it’s hot enough. I put a little flour in and watch it cook up. It bubbles. 

Then from there I put my pieces of chicken in for browning time. I turn them and then I put the lid on. I let that chicken cook for about 5 minutes ‘til its well browned on both sides. 

Then I take the top off the pan and turn the temperature down and let the chicken cook with an open top ‘til the chicken is done and you stop seeing a lot of bubbles. I add the seasoning salt after I take the chicken out of the cooking oil. 

I toast a few pieces of bread and put that on the plate. I put that on the plate and let the bread catch the grease. When it’s my turn, I throw hot sauce on the bread and make a sandwich. I normally eat when I cook. I’ve never been a sit-down eater. 

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