Colors of the Days

Photo of various colorful crayons

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We start the week with Sunday, which is orange, the color of energy. (Also the preferable American fruit, in my opinion!) Sunday is a day of pleasure and redirected atonement from pleasure to joy. It’s a true fun day where you activate yourself fully and should pay a great deal of honor to the uniqueness of the fresh new best or better you for the week.

Then comes Monday, which is blue, a day to enforce loving.

Tuesday, is red, a time to stop, assess, and revise life with friends or associates.

Wednesday is yellow. Be careful. Stay out of the way, but help others do that too where you can.

Thursday is purple, a time to be reverent and respectful of the resources you have. Try to be the light in someone’s day.

Friday is green, so live as green as you can. Finish strong. Live life as if there is indeed a tomorrow, one in which something helpful is waiting for you best. After evening, be careful, Fridays are important for three major religions.

Saturday is indigo, the beautiful blue. Don’t parade your beauty before life or your strength before others. Be cool, nonchalant and collective, for this day you should try to be your best self. It may take all your energy, but don’t worry, Sunday comes tomorrow.


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