There were two frogs in the street, hopping around with their belongings in bags, looking for peanuts and a slice of bread.

The husband frog was crying, while the wife frog tried to cheer him up.

The frogs didn’t have a place to live. No diamonds, pearls or luxury of any kinds. With no other options, the wife frog took matters into her own hands. She sought out a powerful giraffe in town, an established financier, and stated her case.

The giraffe was taken aback by how bold she was.

“I know you’ve got all the leaves you need,” the wife frog said to the giraffe. “We just need a place to stay.”

And her honesty won his affections.

The giraffe reached his neck down, let the frogs jump up to sit on his ears, and lifted them up. It was a completely different view up here. They could see for miles, not like the swamp they’d been in before.

The giraffe had the compassion and self-reflection to realize his own mortality. To realize that he was not almighty.

“We all can live together in this beautiful wonderful world,” he said to the frogs.


A drawing of animals including frogs, giraffes, and fish.
Illustration by Barbara Pollard

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