Portrait of an Hispanic man in the US military, wearing camouflage clothing, sitting with his sons, 2, 8 and 13 years old, and wife outdoors.

 Life is what you make of it. For instance, I had the choice a couple times to not participate in criminal activity, but I chose to do it anyway and that’s life. 

 But I also chose to join the military, where I had eight good years. 

 At times, life gives you false choices. But even then, always remember that one could be your best. 

 Like when I went to war: I had no choice because I had signed up. But in the end, we won, and that was good for the whole country. 

 I also chose to have kids, all of whom I love dearly. I’m still mourning my son’s death, but the other six are grown and doing well. They’re all off making their choices, making something of their lives. Two are already graduated from college and one, my oldest daughter, is a neurologist. 

 Always remember, you have choices. 


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