Changing My Ways

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I have come a long way since April of last year when I entered the Housing Choice Voucher Program and moved into my apartment. A home at last. I have been homeless for 28 ½ years and never had my own place. I always lived with someone else, helping them with the rent and paying my own bills.

But now I have be more responsible, the way my parents taught me. My loving father was especially influential in my life. He made sure there was always food on the table and clothes on our backs. Another thing he did was to make sure that we went to church and kept our faith in God. As I got older, it really started to grow on me spiritually and I thank my father for showing me the way.

As I move on with my life in Christ, I hope and pray that I will do better in my education and my health. My back is due for surgery soon and for the apartment, things are going in the right direction with the help of my case worker. We keep in touch and go through major things that must be done so that I will not mess up with the voucher system.

God has been good to me and is giving me every chance to better myself. I’m thankful to Him for that. May the power of the Kingdom and the Glory be with us, now and forever. Amen!

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