Bus Ride


Here I am on the 31 bus
Here I am on the metro bus again,
Talking and meditating to myself.
What a rainy day.
Raining so hard in Georgetown
That I can’t see out the window.
Waiting for my stop to arrive.
Mind you, I am riding the Friendship Heights line
To the Naylor road station,
From one end of the bus line to the other end.
Between stops I am looking at how many stores there are.
Sometimes I try counting the stores on the left
And on the way back I try counting the stores on the right.

Working my puzzle book when I don’t feel like it
Looking out the window.
Counting people who get off or on.
Sleeping on the bus.
Waiting for my long stop to arrive.
Sight-seeing on the 32 bus route.
Traffic so jammed up, morning commute.
Evenings no better. But still I ride.

Issues |Transportation

Region |Georgetown|Ward 2|Washington DC

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