It is the best thing I know.   

It helps you stay confident when you’re down and sad.   

Bravery helps you believe in yourself

when nobody else will.   

Having bravery will not allow you to give up

or have any letdowns.   

Bravery allows you to finish up

through difficult challenges,  

like playing the entire soccer game

without coming out for a break.   

Bravery is never saying what you cannot do.   

Do you all know that having bravery will allow you all

to have the desire to be whatever you want to be life.    

This is why I’m brave.   

I know I’m short,

but I know I have something special inside of me

that allows me to be brave.

To me, playing soccer for the first time

shows have brave I’m really am.  


Do you all know that Harriet Tubman showed bravery

by leading people through an underground railroad?   

So everyone, stand up, put a fist in the air

and show everyone how brave we are. 


Uniyah Campbell is 10 years old and attends Miner Elementary School. Through this partnership, Street Sense Media aims to bring you a poetic perspective of our city from the future generation being shaped by it. D.C. SCORES creates neighborhood teams for kids in need by giving them the skills and confidence to succeed on the playing field, in the classroom and in life. It accomplishes this for 2,500 kids at 59 D.C. elementary and middle schools by combining poetry and spoken word, soccer, and service-learning in an innovative after-school program. To learn more or support:

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