Black mental health matters

Michelle told me that my “health is my wealth”

So I called up Fritz and started eating superfoods on stealth.

I had to hide what I was doing because the world

Wants me to be fat,

To stay fat and mentally ill, but most of all, an unhealthy Black.

The world wants to keep me silent, dumb and off track.

But I refuse to stay down!

My electricity, my energy and my ancestors say I deserve my crown.

So I watch what I eat,

Exercise three times a week

I build relationships and friendships; covalent bonds.

I tear down my ruins, build a foundation that’s strong.

I stay on top of my meds, take them even when I don’t want to,

I stay under my man, as he supports and guides me;

This little BBW.

I got to work, I volunteer, I cook; try to stay as clean as possible,

My body is a temple now, dirty food and drugs make me feel awful.

I check in with friends, I always check on that strong one

I call my dad and we argue, because that’s what he likes to do,

Then I call my mom to talk and tell her I love you.

Black mental health matters more than any other hashtag

Reread this poem if you’re looking and hoping to snap back.

It’s okay to take care of yourself first, above all other beings

Change your ways now, it’s too early for a hearse to be all that you’re seeing.

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