Being Disabled and Homeless

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Being disabled and homeless doesn’t limit your abilities to be productive, successful, or independent. It just means your limitations aren’t like everyone else’s.

You can find out the things that you can be productive at with practice, study habits, research, and surrendering your life to God Almighty.

You can fulfill your dreams, destination and the goals you set in life. They will tell you that you can do anything you set your mind to, but that’s not so true because your disabilities come with side effects (your diagnoses and meds) that you have to deal with every second of the day for the rest of your life.

You must learn concentration, to train your body and mind. Avoid distractions. Don’t push or rush or let confusion take control. Rest periodically. Step back. Patience, prayer, meditation, and acceptance of your disabilities are your greatest assets for controlling your mind. For the mind enables you to learn and remember the steps to your abilities, and as time goes on, expand them.

Put your thoughts and what you’ve learned into part of your everyday life. Be serious but also enjoy whatever you’ve decided to do. The extra time it takes to learn and succeed in what you’ve chosen to do will make you very successful and productive, noticeable to others, and most of all you have to see it and almost taste this new knowledge.

Walk the road of faith; it will expand your learning abilities. Meditation helps harness and relax you. Enjoy the other pleasures life has to offer, just remember not to burn yourself out. Your love and passion for what you’ve decided to do puts you beyond your disabilities and limitations.

To succeed, just remember to share your experience with others less fortunate, for you have been chosen by God Almighty to show the world that even with limitations you are blessed, and through you He shows all is possible.

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