Being a woman

Graphic by Bruna Costa

When you are a woman there are many parts of your life. Wife, mother, friend, caretaker.

Motherhood is a major part of a lot of women’s lives. Carry and care for them.

It’s like a continuous thing. The attachment is hard to explain. When you carry a living person in your body the bond is very hard to break.

If you find that you become attached to someone who didn’t come from your body, you can still become so involved with loving them. It is hard to explain.

There is no word to explain love and that is what motherhood is. Continuous love, care and emotions.

We all have mothers, or we would not be here. God or nature made it that way.

You have to come from another person.

Yes they are trying to start cloning, but I don’t think that is in the same category and it’s not trustworthy.

Motherhood is special and always will be. That special bond between mother and child will always be thought of as something that truly cannot be totally explained.

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