Before she can leave

Looking through her dresser, pulling clothes out of the closet, Khadijah moves back and forth preparing for a shower. Khadijah’s moving as if she’s about to have company. Just a feeling she’s feeling. Back in the bathroom, while brushing her teeth. She hears a buzz. Buzz. Buzz. Buzz.

foot at a time out of the shower. Dries off, wraps her hair while listening to her bestie Ronda go on and on about her long-term relationship with Jim. The doorbell rings rapidly. Buzz. Buzz. Buzz.

“What the hell? Who is that?” Khadijah said. “Ronda, Ronda what!” Ronda smiles leaning on the couch smoking a Black and Mild.

“Damn! I knew it.” She washes the toothpaste out of her mouth, grabs her pink towel, wipes off her mouth. Rushes out the bathroom and hurries downstairs. “Hello, yeah?”

“Girl what I don’t know who’s been peeping through your window. I don’t know who at your door,” Ronda said.

“It’s me, Ronda,” Ronda yells at Khadijah through the intercom. “Girl, you thought you were leaving without us hanging out? Girl, you got a long day cause we are hanging out. Girl, hush on, buzz me in,” Rhonda said.

Khadijah rushes out of the bathroom, runs downstairs to answer the very loud doorbell.

As she runs to answer the door she turns and looks at Ronda with a smiley grin, “Girl, please.” Ronda playfully yells “Answer the door!”

Khadijah buzzes Ronda in.

“Girl shut up, come up, I am getting in the shower, making all that noise,” Khadijah said. “Girl, damn!”

Khadijah says, “Girl, you are really trippin’.”

Ronda enters the apartment building through the lobby onto the elevator, pushes number three, gets off on the third floor, walks down the hallway.

When Ronda enters Khadijah’s apartment, Khadijah runs upstairs and hops right back in the shower. “Hey girl!” Khadijah yells over the sounds of running water.

Ronda yells “Hey, miss me Deejah?” a nickname she calls her.

Khadijah’s laughter echoes out of the shower as water runs down her face, showing off her beautiful Native American heritage. Bath & Body Works products scent up in the bathroom. Soaking wet, she grabs her pink towel, steps one

“Nah, trippin’ is you were going to leave without telling us,” Ronda said.

“Who’s us, Ronda? You jealous honey?”

Khadijah just smiling as she opens the door saying, “Awww”

Khadijah leaves the door half open and runs upstairs to the bathroom. Lisa, Belindz, Keke, Melissa and Karen all walk in as Khadijah yells out of the bathroom downstairs

“Hey girls.” Lisa yells, “Hey silly.” They all walk in and see Ronda sitting, leaned back smiling smoking her Black and Mild.

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