Beat the streets poem

Beat the streets, let me tell you one more time, Street Sense papers are number one.

Beat the heat, drink all the water and liquids you can. But keep your papers dry.

Beat the heat, eat all the vegetables and fruits you can.

What is the temperature around us? 

I don’t know, it’s hot. The sky is orange. The air is polluted. Be careful if you go outside. When it rains, all we think about is the summer sun. Forget about the heat waves, they are not fun. 

Beat the heat and beat the streets. 

Ms. Kaela left and no one can take her space. Our love and peace goes with her as she gets through the summer time. 

Beat the heat, beat the streets, 

There’s no one on the street like her. 

This poem is for Ms. Kaela who used to work at Street Sense Media. 

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